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Our vision for the Xilo Barn was fueled with inspiration to design and build a simple, warm and rustic space to showcase all of our TRTimbers reclaimed wood designs.


We are proud to know that 95% of the Xilo Barn was built using recycled materials. 

Using his mill, a chainsaw to make all the cuts and a handful of old tools, including a chisel and farmers level, Rick completed the barn in about 2 years. A variety of wood species at hand were used in the barn. The frame is a combination of spruce and pine. The floor, old sycamore and the siding, hemlock. Three decks are locust and the fourth deck is wide board old pine that Rick intentionally used, knowing it will continue to naturally weather and he will be able to pull it up for future reclaimed wood projects. The windows and doors were repurposed from an old 1890’s farmhouse in the Adirondacks.


Rick’s inherent knowledge of trees and wood can be seen and felt in every part of the barn. Nia’s vision to create the Xilo (Greek for wood) Barn offers a beautiful space to share green, sustainable, one-of-a-kind wood designs.


Completing the Barn has provided a sense of permanence, calm and hope in the year 2020. The Xilo Barn is a pure expression of our free spirit, raw handiwork and heart’s passion. It can provide a glimpse into our thoughts, in but a brief period of our time.


Located at 376 Clinton Hollow Rd. Salt Point, NY

Xilo Barn Timeline

  • Winter 2018
    Winter 2018

    Planning begins for the Xilo Barn. A home is needed for all the one of a kind creations.

  • Spring 2019
    Spring 2019

    Rick starts the timber frame posts & floor.

  • Summer 2019
    Summer 2019

    Big Day for the barn frame raising! Shout out to Out on a Limb Tree Service….they rock!

  • Fall 2019
    Fall 2019

    The metal roof goes on the barn as Rick enjoys his favorite time of the year!

  • Winter 2020
    Winter 2020

    Barn is enclosed. Planning starts for the interior. Simple solar panel is set up for lighting.

  • Spring 2020

    Rick surrounds the barn with decks and a front porch.

  • Summer 2020

    Nia finishes up interior and exterior designs, WELCOME!

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