TR Timbers handcrafts unique, sustainable furniture and gifts using 100% reclaimed timbers from upstate New York’s historic and beautiful Hudson Valley.

We are a family owned small business ,whose primary focus is bringing our customers sustainable, one-of-a-kind wood designs. Each rescued timber has a life story that is started by Mother Nature and then given a second life that can be enjoyed for generations.

TR Timbers Family

Rick(Dad) has worked with wood all his life. As master wood designer, Rick is inspired by the natural forms of the tree “I like to make something out of nothing, creating from a blank canvas, so to speak.”

Joe(Son) is quickly learning to create masterpieces with Dad’s guidance. Apprentice woodworker/designer/IT specialist/ mechanical engineer, Joe is inspired to physically and functionally improve designs while adding his own cool touch.

Melissa(Daughter) “Light tomorrow with today.” She loves to learn and her bright spirit brings daily innovation and growth to TR Timbers. Business marketing master and accounting, Melissa is a natural at interacting and building beautiful stories with people.

Nia(Mom) is continuously inspired by the green movement, the generous soul of nature, and of course, Rick. Nia dabbles in it all. Content creation, design, marketing, sales, and woodworking. “Creating the small business together with my family is so much fun and sharing our wood designs, sharing the earth so to speak, is truly rewarding.”