Horse Barn Completed in Milan, NY

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Great news from TR Timbers!

The horse barn in beautiful Milan, NY is just about complete. Rick (TR Timbers) has provided all of the reclaimed posts, beams, siding, and roof for this amazing masterpiece. Builders & designers, Pat and Dave have made it come to life!

Every piece of timber in this barn has been recycled from storm/wind damaged trees or trees taken down around homes by Out on a Limb Tree & Land Service. Some may have been hit by lightning and many were standing dead when taken down. Mother nature has imprinted a life story on every piece of timber in this barn and Rick, Pat and Dave have done an extraordinary job highlighting their beauty. WOW!

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Credit: Rick LaBonte, Dave Kelley (right), Pat McCloskey (left)

Here are a few images to show a true timber frame masterpiece built by these three men.

Horse Barn Horse Barn